According to the WIBON it is mandatory that you have to make a KLIC request when you start digging mechanically. This obligation applies to companies and private individuals. On the KLIC & ETL Portal of BlindGuide you can make a KLIC report directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. You do not need a Kadaster account. During your KLIC order you have the possibility to add your own data to the KLIC report.

After you have received your KLIC order you can view it on the map or in Augmented Reality in our BlindGuide KLIC app on your smartphone or tablet. See how your KLIC can look like in Augmented Reality.

Fight for healthy lungs

The coronavirus affects all of us, but vulnerable people in particular. Among them 1.2 million people with lung disease who now feel extra vulnerable. The minister has asked us to take care of each other in these times and the digging sector to be extra careful when digging. You can help us with this.

If you order a bundle of 250 credits in our portal between now and June 1st, we will donate 25 euros to the lung fund.

This way you are well prepared for the digging project AND you help the vulnerable people with your order. You will do your bit to make medical breakthroughs possible and to ensure that patients receive the very best care.

Subscribe to the BlindGuide KLIC & ETL portal now too:

  • make a KLIC request;
  • add your own data to your KLIC. We are currently supporting the full formats:
    • dwg and dxf
    • geoJSON
    • pdf
  • You will receive 1 free credit from us when you create your company account.

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